I currently hold a full-time position as a Senior Web Front-end Developer at Georgetown University.

Please do not contact me regarding new opportunities or open positions. I am not accepting calls or offers from recruiters at this time. While I am not looking for any new opportunities at this time, you are welcome to check out my LinkedIn profile.

Where do Andrea's skills shine through?

From late 2004 through January 2010, I was the Head Girl (organizer) of our local Harry Potter group at Potterdelphia.com. While no longer the Head Girl, I still work on the organization team and maintain the group's website.

Previous positions were held at Digitas Health and Refinery, Inc. I've freelanced with Corey McPherson Nash in Cambridge MA for the redesigned Harvard Faculty Club website. I've also created the original Comic Widows website.

Four CSS Zen Garden submissions! zengrounds made it to the official list, but there was also Bubble Zen, Ho Ho Ho!, and Best Foot Forward